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Nielsen Poster Auction Tomorrow Morning

By Tom Interval Talk about a labor of love. For the last quarter of a century, celebrated magician Norm Nielsen and his wife, Lupe, have amassed one of the most significant magic-poster collections in the world. And not reproductions you … Continue reading

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A Royal Pain

By Tom Interval Paul Daniels, the brilliant UK magician who sadly died a few months ago, once got a call from a prominent woman asking him to perform for a children’s party. Although Paul normally didn’t perform for children, he made an … Continue reading


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In Memory of Dante the Magician

By Tom Interval Harry August Jansen—the renowned magician known as Dante—died 61 years ago today. Born in Denmark on October 3, 1883, Dante was one of the last of the great performers of the Golden Age of magic. Others before him included Alexander Herrmann … Continue reading

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