Appearance on KFMB CBS News 8 with Jenny Milkowski

By Tom Interval

Yesterday morning, KFMB CBS8 invited me to appear on Morning Extra with Jenny Milkowski. A few days before, they heard about the five-week adult magic class I’m offering and thought it would be fun to have me perform a few tricks and teach Jenny one. I think everyone had fun. I know I did. The first video below shows the Morning Extra segment. In the second vid, Jenny does a great job performing the magic coloring book, which she learned in literally less than three minutes between segments! You can also watch her do the trick on her Facebook page, Jenny Milkowski TV (video by Tiffany Frowiss, CBS8 coordinating producer). Scroll down further for some behind-the-scenes photos.

Entertaining Jenny Milkowski on KFMB CBS8 Morning Extra

Jenny Milkowski wowing Tom with the coloring-book trick

Behind-the-scenes photos (by Tiffany Frowiss)



Behind-the-scenes photos (by Mike)


About Tom Interval

San Diego Magician Tom Interval, owner of Interval Magic, provides magic entertainment and training to private and corporate clients locally and nationally. A member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), Society of American Magicians (SAM), and the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), Interval has captivated tens of thousands of people at numerous venues, including Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia. With a BA in professional writing and minors in communications and business administration, Interval writes magic-related e-books, magazine articles, and blogs and produces tutorials and related videos for his YouTube channel. Most recently, Interval earned The Linking Ring Award of Excellence for a cover story he wrote for the magicians' publication. To learn more, please visit
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