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Harry Houdini Lives: a Deepfake Encounter

By Tom Interval I recently uploaded a video compilation of clips I made animating old photos of magicians, thanks to deep-learning software called Deep Nostalgia. Being a hopeless Houdini enthusiast, I couldn’t resist doing the same with photos of the … Continue reading


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Magicians of the Past Brought to Life

By Tom Interval Ladies and gentlemen, step right up! For my next trick, I shall bring past magicians back to life! Not literally, of course, but with uncanny results, nonetheless. Although this magic is of the technological variety introduced more … Continue reading

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Humorous Double Prediction Card Trick

By Tom Interval I just made a short tutorial for beginning magicians interested in learning an easy card trick that will not only amaze people but also entertain them with a humorous finish. One caveat, though: The following video is … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Houdini!

By Tom Interval On this day 148 years ago, my childhood hero, Harry Houdini (1874–1926), pulled off his first great escape—from the womb! And the celebration will continue this Sunday, March 27, with a 13-hour virtual birthday event hosted by … Continue reading

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