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About Interval Magic

Magician Tom Interval, owner of San Diego-based Interval Magic, provides magic entertainment and training to private and corporate clients locally and throughout the United States. A member of the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), and Society of American Magicians (SAM), Interval has captivated tens of thousands of people at numerous venues, including Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Virginia, where he performed as a medieval conjurer, trained employees of the magic shop, and promoted the park on several local TV talk shows along the East Coast. As an entertainer, business owner, and former marketing communications professional, Interval understands that the success of any event depends on how satisfied his clients' guests are. Whether it’s a trade show or 50th wedding anniversary, Interval is dedicated to providing his audiences with a highly visual, interactive, mind-boggling magic experience they’ll remember and talk about for years to come. To learn more, please visit

Sibbs Stein Soul Mates Prediction

By Tom Interval Who the heck is Sibbs Stein? Born in the mid-late 19th century, he revived an old card-magic principle that has since become one of the most popular methods among magicians at every skill level. And when I … Continue reading

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Double Prediction Card Trick Tutorial

By Tom Interval There are two old principles in card magic I love, and I’ve combined them to create this super-simple prediction effect. What is an effect? In magic parlance, an effect is basically what the audience sees. Or, more … Continue reading

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Blogcast #7: Dynamite Magazine Harry Houdini Punch-Out

By Tom Interval Dynamite magazine, issue #79, December 1980, features an article about Harry Houdini titled “HOUDINI: The Magic Man Who Knew Whodunit!” As part of that theme, the mag includes a companion two-piece punch-out that, when constructed, becomes a … Continue reading

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Blogcast #6: Houdini Optical Illusion on National Geographic Brain Games

By Tom Interval In 2013, National Geographic’s Brain Games commissioned artist Pete Fecteau to create a Rubik’s Cube mosaic of the Houdini two-face optical illusion I made that year. I wrote about it at the time, and that’s the subject … Continue reading

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Coins to Glass Magic Routine Tutorial

By Tom Interval Did you know coins can demolecularize? Okay, you got me. I made up that word. But think of it as a synonym for dematerialize. Either way, did you know? You see, tossing coins from hand to hand … Continue reading

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First Five Houdini and Magic Blogcasts

By Tom Interval I had to redo the intro music on the first five blogcasts I produced. If you’re a magician or magic enthusiast—or even if you’re not—I think you’ll enjoy them. Please have a listen. While you’re there, please … Continue reading

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A New Move for the Hot Rod

By Tom Interval If you’re a magician who likes to perform the Hot Rod, you’ll like this video. In it, I introduce a new move I invented for the square, heavier rods on the market. For those not familiar with … Continue reading

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