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The Four Burglars Tutorial

By Tom Interval Some card tricks are old. And some are really old. The Four Burglars is really, really old. Its origin dates back to 1591 in A Notable Discovery of Coosnage and continues through such classic magic texts as … Continue reading

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Today is Harry Blackstone Jr.’s Birthday

By Tom Interval Eighty-four years ago today, classic illusionist Harry Blackstone Jr. was born in Three Rivers, Michigan. Harry, the son of The Great Blackstone, performed many of the same illusions his father passed down to him but with his … Continue reading

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A Royal Pain

By Tom Interval Paul Daniels, the brilliant UK magician who sadly died a few months ago, once got a call from a prominent woman asking him to perform for a children’s party. Although Paul normally didn’t perform for children, he made an … Continue reading


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