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Cups and Balls: the First Routine Magicians Learn

By Tom Interval Here’s a magic trivia question for you: What is the oldest magic trick ever performed? Many magicians would quickly answer, “The cups and balls!” But the truth is, while the cups and balls is one of the … Continue reading

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Easy Cups and Balls Tutorial

By Tom Interval One of the oldest, if not the oldest, magic effects is the cups and balls. While some magicians still believe it dates back to around 2500 BCE—based on a simple painting on the wall of a burial … Continue reading

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Tom Frank DVDs Reviewed: Cups and Balls, Linking Rings

By Tom Interval Magician friends, if you haven’t watched Tom Frank‘s instructional DVDs on the Cups and Balls and Linking Rings, I highly recommend doing so. These are the beautiful, practical routines that have put food on his table for … Continue reading


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