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Magic Video Tutorials

By Tom Interval I’m working on some semi-informal video tutorials by request. This one is 9 minutes and covers how to fan a deck of cards using a basic, very old method called the thumb fan: Advertisements

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The Secret to All Magic

This manipulated image symbolizes the true secret to literally all magic tricks and illusions. (Revision of The Great Lyle poster, copyright 2013 Tom Interval)

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Harry Blackstone Jr. Born 79 Years Ago Today

By Tom Interval You’d think only one entertainer at a time could bill himself as “America’s foremost magician,” but that didn’t seem to phase some early to mid 20th-century performers, such as Ralph Richards, Antone Zamloch, Bob Haskell, McDonald Birch, and … Continue reading

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Blackstone’s Commercial Sleight of Chin

By Tom Interval A birdcage disappears from the hands of The Great Blackstone without a trace. An illuminated light bulb defies gravity without any visible means of support. Facial hair effortlessly falls from the deadly blades of a Gillette razor. … Continue reading

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Artist Pete Fecteau Turns my Houdini Optical Illusion into a Mosaic for National Geographic Channel’s Brain Games

By Tom Interval Have you heard of Brain Games? It’s an excellent, semi-new show that airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The National Geographic Channel. Already into its second season, the show, hosted by Jason Silva, is … Continue reading

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Harry Houdini Optical Illusion

By Tom Interval I hope you enjoy the following optical illusion, inspired by an illusion I saw on the Mighty Optical Illusions website, which also shared this one on its site and Facebook page. For the full effect, click on … Continue reading

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Updates on Houdin E-book

By Tom Interval Here are a few updates regarding my e-book, Harry Houdin: “The Great Polynational Mimic”: Radio Interview: Jim Mora, host of Radio New Zealand National’s “Afternoons,” interviewed me back in November about Houdin and my e-book about him. You … Continue reading

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